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001 S. Grimm Semantic Matchmaking with Nonmonotonic Description Logics ISBN 978-3-89838-620-3, 2009
002 J. Völker Learning Expressive Ontologies ISBN 978-3-89838-621-0, 2009
003 R. Garcia Castro Benchmarking Semantic Web Technology ISBN 978-3-89838-622-7, 2010
004 D. Sonntag Ontologies and Adaptivity in Dialogue for Question Answering ISBN 978-3-89838-623-4, 2010
005 R. Zhang Relation Based Access Control ISBN 978-3-89838-625-5, 2010
006 J. Lehmann Learning OWL Class Expressions ISBN 978-3-89838-336-3, 2010
007 J. M. Gómez-Pérez Acquisition and Understanding of Process Knowledge using Problem Solving Methods ISBN 978-3-89838-639-5, 2010
008 M. Krötzsch Description Logic Rules ISBN 978-3-89838-643-2, 2010
009 A. Passant Semantic Web Technologies for Enterprise 2.0 ISBN 978-3-89838-646-3, 2011
010 T. D. Thanh Process-oriented Semantic Web Search - out of stock ISBN 978-3-89838-648-7, 2011
011 C. Lange Enabling Collaboration on Semiformal Mathematical Knowledge by Semantic Web Integration ISBN 978-3-89838-662-3, 2011
012 B. M. Villazón-Terrazas A Method for Reusing and Re-engineering Non-ontological Resources for Building Ontologies ISBN 978-3-89838-666-1, 2012
013 T. Groza Advances in Semantic Authoring and Publishing ISBN 978-3-89838-672-2, 2012
014 S. Rohjans Semantic Service Integration for Smart Grids - out of stock ISBN 978-3-89838-677-7, 2013
015 C. Buil-Aranda Federated Query Processing for the Semantic Web ISBN 978-3-89838-689-0, 2014
016 G. Demartini From People to Entities: New Semantic Search Paradigms for the Web ISBN 978-3-89838.687-6, 2014
017 J. Z. Pan, Y. Zhao (Eds.) Semantic Web Enabled Software Engineering ISBN 978-3-89838-692-0, 2014
018 J. Lehmann, J. Völker (Eds.) Perspectives on Ontology Learning ISBN 978-3-89838-694-4, 2014
019 A. Hogan Reasoning Techniques for the Web of Data ISBN 978-3-89838-695-1, 2014
020 T. Narock, P. Fox (Eds.) The Semantic Web in Earth and Space Science. Current Status and Future Directions ISBN 978-3-89838-702-6, 2015
021 L. Rietveld Publishing and Consuming Linked Data ISBN 978-3-89838-707-1, 2016
022 J. F. Sequeda Integrating Relational Databases with the Semantic Web ISBN 978-3-89838-711-8, 2016
023 N. Díaz Rodrígues Semantic and Fuzzy Modelling for Human Behaviour Recognition in Smart Spaces ISBN 978-3-89838-712-5, 2016
024 O. Hartig Querying a Web of Linked Data ISBN 978-3-89838-713-2, 2016
025 P. Hitzler, A. Gangemi, K. Janowicz, A. Krisnadhi, V. Presutti (Eds.) Ontology Engineering with Ontology Design Patterns: Foundations and Applications ISBN 978-3-89838-715-6, 2016
026 M. Saleem Efficient Source Selection for SPARQL Endpoint Query Federation
027 M. Kejriwal Populating a Linked Data Entity Name System ISBN 978-3-89838-717-0, 2017
028 R. Zese Probabilistic Semantic Web ISBN 978-3-89838-722-4, 2017
029 A. Lawrynowicz Semantic Data Mining: An Ontology-Based Approach ISBN 978-3-89838-724-8, 2017
030 H. Saif Semantic Sentiment Analysis in Social Streams ISBN 978-3-89838-726-2, 2017
031 M. Färber Semantic Search for Novel Information
032 K. Hammar, P. Hitzler, A. Krisnadhi, A. Lawrynowicz, A. G. Nuzzolese Advances in Ontology Design and Patterns
033 A. E., Thessen Application of Semantic Technology in Biodiversity Science
034 I. Tiddi Explaining Data Patterns using Knowledge from the Web of Data
035 G. Cota Explaining Data Patterns using Knowledge from the Web of Data
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026 A. A. Krisnadhi    
031 M. Färber    

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